The Center - Resources for Teaching and Learning

The Organization

The Center, during its 40+ years, has developed a rich legacy of educational
expertise, service and program excellence.

The Center: Resources for Teaching and Learning is a not-for-profit organization that serves as the umbrella organization for specific programs that address different, but often related, aspects of high-quality education for students who may be at risk of academic failure. This includes students of all ages from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds; English-language learners, including adults; young children at risk of failure because of poverty, family issues, disabilities or other circumstances; refugee and immigrant populations and others.

Consequently, The Center’s programs—collaborative, cooperative yet each in its own way with a singular focus—include programs for adult learning (the Adult Learning Resource Center); early childhood services for children and parents (Early Childhood Developmental Enrichment Center) including the Early Childhood Professional Development program; professional development and parental services for early childhood special needs children (Star Net Region II); professional development and program support for children from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds (Illinois Resource Center); assessments to inform instruction that use tablets and other mobile technology tools (Technology Center for Teaching and Learning).

The Center also offers communications support services for schools, districts and pre-K programs statewide. We are available to assist superintendents, principals, instructional leaders and others with any form of internal or external communications task.