The Center - Resources for Teaching and Learning

Communications Support Services

As we prepare for the coming school year, all of us in Illinois education must struggle with difficult and potentially confusing choices for instructional platforms, virtual learning, hybrid programs, on-line assessment systems, staffing, attendance expectations and much more. Clear, precise communications are always important to schools and districts, but all the more so in this potentially chaotic environment.

The Center: Resources for Teaching and Learning has for many decades employed a group of seasoned and educationally knowledgeable writers who assist our many professional development programs, school-district technical support and statewide conferences.

To assist you, we are launching a communications service for schools, districts and pre-K programs statewide. We are available to assist superintendents, principals, instructional leaders and others with any form of internal or external communications task. We can write letters, newsletters, informational materials, administrative discussions, policy rationales—just about anything that district and school leaders may need to state their case in ways appropriate to the Illinois educational environment.

Pricing will be based on the complexity and urgency of your particular communications task, but in all cases, we will be cognizant of the need to keep costs as low as possible, with the well-being of students, teaching and learning as the on-going focus of the work.

To inquire, please speak with Steve Weiner, coordinator of school communications, at 224-366-8534, or email to, for additional details or to begin a project.