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We offer expert professional development and support for
education professionals who, in mainstream classrooms or
specialized venues, serve at-risk students and those from the
most difficult circumstances.

The Center office is open on a limited basis for employees only as we maintain adherence to IDPH guidelines for businesses. Please continue to refer to the various programs links that serve your needs as our Directors remain committed to serving all of our students, parents, educators and communities at large. We will provide updates as to in-person workshops and classes on our website when future dates are determined.

For more than 40 years, The Center has been a critically important resource for Illinois education.

The Center: Resources for Teaching and Learning, is a nationally recognized professional development
and educational services organization dedicated to better teaching and learning in early childhood,
elementary, secondary and adult education.

Our focus is on education professionals who serve distressed and at-risk populations — children at
risk of academic failure, young children with special needs, students from linguistically and culturally
diverse backgrounds, refugees and immigrants. We also serve professionals that work with adults who
seek to advance their position by obtaining U.S. citizenship, a GED, improved language skills, or basic
skills needed to hold and advance from service jobs.

Learn More About Us.