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Adult Learning Resource Center

The Adult Learning Resource Center (ALRC), a nationally recognized educational resource, provides professional development, including instructional and program support, for adult and family educators. The ALRC’s training is research based and includes single and multiday workshops, institutes, individualized technical assistance, group facilitation, special interest networking, publications and an annual fall conference for practitioners in northern Illinois. ALRC consultants have worked with agencies in 20 states and maintain strong partnerships with community-based organizations, community colleges and public schools.

The ALRC has participated in advisory groups to develop national professional development approaches for English as a second language, citizenship education, and evidence-based reading and mathematics instruction for adult populations. Additional state and national advisory work has been done in immigrant integration and civic education.

The Center also worked with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and the U.S. Department of Education to develop an on-line professional development course for instructors who work with future citizens, and provides many other on-line tutorials and courses for Illinois teachers.