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Do-It-Yourself Study Group Grant


Do-It-Yourself Study Group

DIY Study Group Grant Application

What is the “Do-It-Yourself” Study Group?
This new grant opportunity offers funding up to $300 to small groups (professionals & parents) who want to broaden their skills and knowledge in specific areas of interest that relate to young children, ages 3-6 who have an identified special need. Collaboration is encouraged. Partners may include: teachers, therapists, parents and other support staff in Early Childhood Special Education programs. Staff and parents from state Pre-Kindergarten programs, Head Start, Park District, Community Preschools and Prevention Initiative programs may be included.

What should the Study Group do?
Select a topic, then decide how it will be investigated. Topics may include, but are not limited to:

  Assessment           Autism
  Literacy                  Behavior
  Inclusion                Brain Research
  Curriculum             Technology
  Family Involvement

Be creative. Set up a group that fits your needs and schedules. Each group must have a facilitator and at least 4 participants. All groups need to complete their work and submit a short report to Region II by the specified deadline. Plan how and when you will meet to study your topic.

Where do I start?
The facilitator(s) helps to organize the group, schedule meetings, develop agendas, buy supplies or resource materials and runs each meeting. Each facilitator is also required to submit copies of materials given to participants and meeting attendance sheets when their study group is finished.

How can I use Study Group Funds?
Applications can be approved for up to $300. A proposed budget is submitted as part of the application. Funds may be used to hire a speaker, pay stipends to the facilitator and to purchase books or materials to support the investigation.

Study group funds will be disbursed through a reimbursement process. Original receipts must be submitted.

How can I apply?
Proposals will be considered on an on-going basis or until the funds are allocated. Complete the application on the reverse side, listing names, phone numbers, addresses and positions of the group facilitator(s) and all members. See the reverse side for application instructions. For more information call (224) 366-8573.

Apply now for a Do-It-Yourself Study Group Grant

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