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Student Achievement in Reading (STAR)
STAR is an initiative of the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Career, Technical and Adult education (OCTAE) that provides professional development and technical assistance on evidence-based reading instruction (EBRI). The purpose of the initiative is to build teachers’ skills and programs’ capacity to provide effective reading instruction.

STAR is not a reading curriculum. It is a national training package and a related comprehensive tool kit built upon evidence-based reading instructional strategies. STAR will help adult education teachers and administrators improve reading outcomes among intermediate-level learners (TABE grade level equivalency 4.0-8.9) and advanced level English language learners.

Additional information about the national STAR initiative can be found at www.startoolkit.org.

About the Training
STAR training currently uses a flipped hybrid model which consists of online modules with hands-on classroom practice, webinars, 2 ½ days of face-to-face training, and program meetings for discussion and planning.

Click here for current STAR training schedule and registration form.

The first time a program becomes involved in STAR, a program team is required to attend the STAR series. The team is composed of an administrator and one or more teachers. Implementing evidence- based reading instruction may necessitate changes at a program and/or classroom level that teachers alone are unable to carry out.

Technical Assistance for Evidence-Based Reading Instruction

The ALRC also provides technical assistance (TA) as needed to help STAR participants carry out evidence-based reading instruction (EBRI) in their programs and classrooms. TA includes a virtual classroom observation option for EBRI teachers.  Click here  to get more information and the packet of materials.

For more information on STAR, contact:

Laura Sherwood Lsherwood@cntrmail.org or
Laurie Martin Lmartin@cntrmail.org


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