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About ALRC Learning Disabilities Services
Adults with special learning needs or diagnosed learning disabilities face challenges in several areas of daily life including employment and education. It is estimated that 35% of students with learning disabilities do not complete high school, 62% of individuals identified as having learning disabilities are not fully employed one year after graduating from high school, 35% of individuals on welfare have learning disabilities. These figures indicate a high probability that adult basic educators will have individuals within their classes who have a special learning need or a learning disability.

Special Learning Needs and Adult ESL Students
Many ESL teachers have had English language learners who seem to make little or no progress in spite of all attempts. The question is often asked, "How can I tell if this is a learning disability or the result of cultural differences and/or other temporary challenges with language acquisition? The ALRC provides training and technical assistance for ESL instructors on how to teach and support ELLs who have special learning needs or learning disabilities. See the ALRC’s Professional Development Catalogs or contact Laurie Martin, lmartin@cntrmail.org.

Institute to Credential Resource Specialists for Special Learning Needs
The Institute is an intensive training designed to enhance program capacity to meet the needs of adults with special learning needs (SLN) through the development of local resource specialists. It focuses on teachers working with native English speakers in ABE and ASE programs. The Institute provides training on the Payne Learning Needs Inventory, a unique tool designed to help assess the learning needs of ABE/ASE students. The Institute is offered annually by the Southern Illinois Professional Development Center in a hybrid online and in-person training. Contact the SIPDC at sipdctrainer@gmail.com or 618-650-2254 for more information.

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