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Family Engagment

PEP Training Workshop

To assist ESOL educators in successfully starting up PEP classrooms and teaching the curriculum, the two-day PEP Training Workshop provides instruction in the following areas:

  • Parental Involvement in Schools: Participants will review the types of school, family, and community partnerships which impact on children’s learning.
  • Approaches to ESL Family Literacy Curriculum Development: Participants will learn how and why competency-based or participatory instruction is used in the curriculum and how these different approaches to instruction impact on the priority goals of the program, increased parent involvement in their children’s schools, and improved English language skills.
  • Teaching Techniques: The presenters will demonstrate and provide experiential learning opportunities for the following instructional techniques:
      - pictures for vocabulary development
      - reading passages
      - language experience approach
      - dialogues/role playing
      - content-based grammar lessons
      - problem-posing
  • Learner Progress Assessment: Participants will learn to analyze ongoing learner progress through standardized assessments and competency checklists.
  • Classroom Management and Lesson Planning: Presenters will address how to use the curriculum materials to accommodate all levels of English proficiency, including low-literate and multilevel classrooms.

To assist those who have coordinating responsibilities in starting a PEP Program, instruction is also provided for these topics:

  • Basic Information: Overview of the start-up process: budget, site staff needs (e.g., PEP instructors, babysitter), instructor training (e.g., the PEP curricula and oral language assessment), program evaluation and building the site PEP team.
  • Program Start-Up: Information, examples and ideas for the following topic areas:
      - Scheduling PEP classes and babysitting services
      - Orientation of PEP Program to school/agency staff
      - General Marketing of the PEP Program
      - Recruitment of Parents
      - Registration Nights (Intake/Assessment Procedures and Related Forms)
      - Materials and Supply Needs
      - Recordkeeping Forms
      - Retention Strategies

Illinois Workshop Participants: The ALRC is an approved provider of professional development-ISBE. Participants in this 11-hour training will receive Continuing Professional Development Units (CPDUs).

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