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Integrated English Literacy / Civics Education (IEL/CE) Resources  

Illinois EL/Civics Competencies
The 70 Illinois EL/Civics Competencies are divided into seven topic areas: The Democratic Process, Community Resources, The U.S. School System, Health and Wellness, Housing, Employment, and Consumer Economics. Teachers of IEL/CE classes are required to cover two competencies per 15 attendance hours. For complete information about the competencies, take the free iLEARN course Illinois EL/Civics Competencies . See the ALRC Online Professional Development Catalog for details.

Individual Checklist for EL/CE Competencies
This is a sample form teachers can use for tracking students' attainment of the Illinois EL/Civics Competencies. Note that institutions may have their own forms or tracking systems.

Instructional Materials and Classroom Resources

Illinois EL/Civics Classroom Activity List
This is a collection of suggested classroom activities for many of the Illinois EL/Civics Competencies, developed by a team of Illinois IEL/CE instructors. To learn more about the Activity List and how to use it, take the free iLEARN course Illinois EL/Civics Classroom Activity List . See the ALRC Online Professional Development Catalog for details.

Community Connections: Education for Involved Communities
The ALRC developed this fully reproducible, multilevel curriculum to be easily integrated into any existing ESL curriculum. It contains 6 units: The Democratic Process, Community and Home Safety, The Public Library, The U.S. School System, Public Health Services, and Housing ( see sample pages from the curriculum ). Three components are included: 310 pages of illustrated, multilevel lessons and teaching techniques; a classroom Picture Set of 243 enlarged illustrations from the curriculum; and a Flashcard Picture Set of 200 flashcards. Available for purchase through the Curriculum Publications Clearinghouse, www.wiu.edu/CPC . For more information, contact Laurie Martin, lmartin@cntrmail.org , 224-366-8500.

English Beyond the Classroom: Community-Based Tasks for ESL Students
This curriculum was developed by Asian Human Services, a community-based organization in Chicago. It is available in a free PDF version from the Illinois Community College Board website at http://www.iccb.org/iccb/wp-content/pdfs/adulted/publications_reports/English_Beyond_Class.pdf. A paper version with accompanying CD-Rom for adapting materials to your program is available for purchase from the Curriculum Publications Clearinghouse at www.wiu.edu/CPC .

Talking with the Police: An English Language and Civics Workbook for English Language Learners
http://www.fremont.k12.ca.us/cms/lib04/CA01000848/Centricity/Domain/189/TalkingtothePolice.pdf This is a 52-page PDF document to teach students about how to talk with the police. It includes worksheets, illustrations, and other materials that can be used with ELLs at any level.

Chicago Ventures Civics Worksheets
   Level: high beginning and intermediate
   Author: Gretchen Bitterlin, et al.
   Publisher: Cambridge University Press, 2010
These downloadable worksheets have been correlated to the original 2 007) Illinois EL-Civics Competencies, CASAS EL Civics Objectives, and the Florida Civics, Family and Community Resources Standards. Although the correlation charts are no longer accurate because of revisions and updates made to the Illinois EL-Civics Competencies, teachers will still find the worksheet content relevant to many of the Illinois Competencies. The worksheets can be used independent of the Ventures ESL textbooks.

Civic Participation and Citizenship Collection (New England Literacy Resource Center)
This section of the New England Literacy Resource Center's website provides annotated websites and original materials that cover a wide range of topics related to community action and active citizenship.  

OTAN (Outreach and Technical Assistance Network)
On the OTAN website are many resources for teaching EL/Civics as well as links to other websites.

IEL/Civics Textbooks

Rights and Responsibilities: Reading and Communication for Civics
Level: High Beginning - Low Intermediate
Author: Stephen Sloan
Publisher: McGraw-Hill ESL/ELT, 2004

Community Experiences: Reading and Communication for Civics
Level: Low Intermediate - Intermediate
Author: Lynda Terrill
Publisher: McGraw-Hill ESL/ELT, 2005

The two books listed above are now out of print; however, if your program has them available, they are still useful resources. These student textbooks are for beginning and intermediate ESL students. Many of the Illinois EL-Civics Competencies are addressed in these books. A Teacher's Manual and Audio CD accompany the textbooks.

Professional Development

www.thecenterweb.org/alrc/citizenship.html This is the citizenship section of the Adult Learning Resource Center's website. The citizenship section has information and resources for those teaching citizenship (naturalization) preparation classes.

Center for Adult English Language Acquisition (CAELA) Brief: English Literacy and Civics Education . This document describes basic strategies for teaching civics at all ESL levels and includes a list of online resources.

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