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The Adult Learning Resource Center (ALRC) provides citizenship training and assistance to educators in Illinois, including staff development workshops; educator interest groups; onsite, electronic, and phone consultation; customized training, and materials development. U.S.-wide services include practitioner resources, such as a citizenship teacher training video and accompanying guide, classroom materials, a Citizenship Educator Orientation Packet, and links to other online resources.

The ALRC offers its services to staff members involved in citizenship preparation education. Included are teachers, tutors, and program administrators. The ALRC offers citizenship services to citizenship programs with funding from the Illinois Department of Human Services, the Illinois Community College Board, and the Secretary of State Literacy Office.

ALRC Citizenship Preparation Services

Citizenship Workshops
Our professional development catalog lists upcoming workshops and registration procedures.

Citizenship Educators Interest Group
The Citizenship Educators Interest Group is open to all those involved in citizenship education including teachers, tutors, volunteers, and administrators. The group builds networks among citizenship educators and the staff at USCIS Chicago Field Office in order to enhance professional practice and keep educators current in this constantly changing arena. For further information contact Carol Garcia, cgarcia@cntrmail.org.

Citizenship Teaching Techniques
Citizenship Teaching Techniques is a 70-minute teacher training videotape designed to improve the effectiveness of citizenship preparation instruction. The videotape includes footage from actual citizenship classes edited for clarity and brevity. Citizenship educators will find the demonstrations of instructional techniques on the videotape and the materials in the video viewer's guide to be useful models for developing effective citizenship preparation lessons. Publication date 2001. To order, go to www.wiu.edu/CPC.

Citizenship Preparation Materials
Our Publications page lists downloadable citizenship preparation resources.

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