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Citizenship Test Materials and Resources

USCIS Materials:
Study materials including a list of the 100 Civics Questions, reading and writing vocabulary lists, and FAQs are posted at www.uscis.gov/citizenship

ALRC Materials for the USCIS Test:

Citizenship Educator Orientation Packet
This packet, developed by the Adult Learning Resource Center through a grant from the Illinois Department of Human Services: Bureau of Refugee & Immigration Services, contains information for teachers as well as classroom techniques. It can be printed out single-sided or double-sided.
Citizenship Educator Orientation Packet

Citizenship Resource List
This list, which is also included at the end of the Citizenship Educator Orientation Packet, contains information on a great variety of websites, books, and other materials for teaching citizenship preparation. The list includes USCIS resources, videos to show in the classroom, websites for students, citizenship textbooks, and more.
Citizenship Resource List

Dictation Techniques
This packet contains five teaching techniques to help students prepare to pass the dictation at their citizenship interview. It contains techniques to help students learn to listen for the sentence the officer dictates and write it correctly.
Teaching Dictation for the USCIS Citizenship Test

Online Student Practice Quizzes
These computer quizzes are designed to let students practice the history/government content on the citizenship test. Each quiz comes in two versions: PowerPoint and Microsoft Word. Teachers can download these quizzes to a computer or laptop. Please download the instructions, too.
     Instructions for Quizzes
     The 3 Branches PowerPoint Quiz - New Test
     The 3 Branches Word Quiz - New Test
     Constitution PowerPoint Quiz - New Test
     Constitution Word Quiz - New Test

For more free online citizenship practice, visit the Citizenship Teacher page at www.quia.com/profiles/citizenshipteacher. At this page, you'll find fun practice activities, which include matching, concentration, fill-in-the-blank, and sorting exercises for the 100 Civics Questions and the Reading and Writing Tests vocabulary. Special quizzes will help students see how well they are doing and what they still need to study.

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